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Digital Recording Studio

Q.What types of effects does the BR-600/BR-900CD provide?

A.The BR-600/BR-900CD contains five independent effect processors. This allows you to create sophisticated mixes using just the BR-600/BR-900CD, without the need for external effect processor units.

  • Insert effect
    This processor provides a variety of simulators and effects, including COSM-based amp modeling. The available effect types include a wide range of multi-effects that are suitable not only for guitar, but also for vocals and keyboard.

    The Insert effect is primarily used for processing input signals during recording. Alternately, it can be used on a specified track during mixdown.
  • Loop effect
    The Loop effects provide spatial-type stereo effects such as chorus and reverb that are indispensable for mixdown.
  • Track EQ
    Two-band EQ (low and high) is provided so that you can adjust the tone of each track during mixdown.
  • Pitch Correction
    Pitch Correction automatically corrects the pitch of a recorded vocal track to achieve a high quality vocal sound.
  • Mastering Tool Kit
    The Mastering Tool Kit (MTK) is a multi-effect that allows you to add that final bit of polish to your mixes. Among the MTK's effects are a sophisticated EQ to adjust the tonal balance, a multiband compressor to control dynamics, and a limiter to optimize the overall volume of your mix.


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