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Digital Recording Studio

Q.I understand that the BR-600 and BR-900CD have eight V-Tracks for each track, providing a total of 64 tracks that can be recorded. What are V-Tracks?

A.The BR-600/BR-900CD contains a digital recorder that allows you to record up to two tracks simultaneously and play back up to eight tracks simultaneously.

Additionally, each track contains eight "virtual tracks," or "V-Tracks." For each track, you can designate one of the eight V-Tracks for recording and playback at any given time. This gives you a total recording capability of 64 tracks (8 primary tracks x 8 V-Tracks = 64 tracks).

V-Tracks are very useful for recording alternate versions of a performance without erasing any versions that were previously recorded. For example, you can use numerous V-Tracks to record alternate takes of a guitar solo, and then use the BR-600/BR-900CD's editing functions to piece together the best sections to create the final result.

V-Tracks can also be used for track bouncing and mixdown; even if all eight primary tracks are playing, you can mix the result down to V-Tracks that aren't currently selected for playback.


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