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Digital Recording Studio

Q.On the BR-900CD, what is the available recording time when recording to a CompactFlash card?

A.When using the BR-900CD to record onto a CompactFlash card, the available recording time depends on the capacity of the CompactFlash card and on the recording data type you select, as shown in the following table.

The indicated times are for a single track.

  • The recording times shown above are approximate. Depending on the number of songs, the allowable recording time may decrease.
  • The recording times shown above are for when only one track is used. For example, if you record on all eight tracks, the recording time for each track will be 1/8th of the time shown above.
  • The CompactFlash memory cards supported by your BR- 900CD are 32 MB to 1 GB CompactFlash cards for use with a 3.3 V power supply voltage.


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