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Digital Recording Studio

Q.Can the BR-900CD load song data created on the BR-864?

A.Yes. Simply insert the BR-864 memory card directly into the BR-900CD and load the data.

If the BR-864 data is stored on a computer, connect the BR-900CD to the computer via USB and copy the data to the BR-900CD's memory card.

Once you record, edit, or save imported BR-864 data on a memory card inserted in the BR-900CD, the song data will be converted to BR-900CD format. This means that you will no longer be able to use that data in the BR-864.

If you want to edit the data on the BR-900CD but retain its compatibility with the BR-864, use a CompactFlash card reader to copy the BR-864 song data to a computer, and then copy the data to the BR-900CD as described above.


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