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Digital Recording Studio

Q.What can I do using the BR-900CD's CD-R/RW drive?

A.Using the BR-900CD's built-in CD-R/RW drive, you can:

  • create (burn) music CDs.
  • import audio tracks from music CDs.
  • backup and recover song data to and from CD-R/RW discs.
  • import WAV/AIFF data contained on a CD into a track (WAV/AIFF Import).
  • export recorded data from a track as WAV/AIFF data and save it to a CD-R/RW disc (WAV/AIFF Export).
  • import SMF data stored on a CD and use it as a rhythm pattern (SMF Import).
  • load WAV/AIFF data stored on a CD as a rhythm sound and create a drum kit (Tone Load).
  • write audio track playback or an input source directly to a CD-R/RW disc (Direct CD Bounce).

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