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Digital Recording Studio

Q.In what areas is the BR-900CD improved over the BR-864?

A.The BR-900CD includes the same basic functionality of the BR-864, but also offers the following improvements:

  • The BR-900CD has a CD-R/RW drive, allowing for the onboard creation of music CDs.
  • You can use the CD-R/RW drive to back up data or import WAV/AIFF data.
  • You can bounce a track directly to a CD-R/RW disc (Direct CD Bounce function).
  • You can record an input source directly to a CD-R/RW disc.
  • The front panel provides faders for all tracks (Tracks 7/8 are fixed as a stereo pair and are controlled by a single fader).
  • Automatic Pitch Correction is provided, allowing you to correct the pitch of a vocal or other single (mono) instrument.
  • There are two XLR jacks for the connection of microphones (the BR-864 has only one XLR jack).
  • +48V phantom power can be supplied from the XLR MIC jacks.

The following BR-864 function has been removed from the BR-900CD:

"Guitar Synth" has been omitted from the available insert effects.


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