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8-Track Digital Studio

Q.Using USB, I've restored BR-864 backup data from my computer. However, when I attempt to use the SONG SELECT function to load a song, "No song!" is displayed, and I can't select a song. Why is this?

A.Data in the BR-864's memory card incorporates the data structure shown in the illustration below. When you backup BR-864 data to your computer, or restore BR-864 backup data from your computer back into the BR-864, you should handle only the "ROLAND" folder, and no other folder.

If you are having difficulty recovering data, check the following:
  • Folder name
    Is the folder on your computer that contains the BR-864 backup data named "ROLAND" in single-byte characters?
    If this folder is named differently and you copy it to the BR-864, the BR-864 will not be able to recognize the folder and the data contained in it.
  • File structure within the "ROLAND" folder
    Has the file structure remained unchanged since you backed it up?
    If the file structure has been changed on your computer, you cannot load the data into the BR-864.
  • Backup procedure
    When backing up BR-864 data to the computer, the "ROLAND" folder and all its contents must be copied.
    If you backed up only some folders within the "ROLAND" folder (such as the "BR0" or "SONG" folders), you won't be able to reload the data back into the BR-864.


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