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8-Track Digital Studio

Q.When exporting a WAV file, the BR-864 displays "ERROR! Card Full" even though the memory card seems to have enough free space for the file. Why is this?

A.When exporting audio data as a WAV file, the converted data is temporarily stored on the BR-864's memory card.
The "ERROR! Card Full" message will appear when there is not enough free space on the card to store the data. For the Export operation, the BR-864 requires approximately five times more free memory than the size of the audio data you're exporting. Before performing the WAV/AIFF Export, make sure there's enough free space on the card.

If there's not enough free space on the memory card, try the following:
  1. Remove any unnecessary data to create more free space on the card. (We recommend that you make a backup of all your data to your computer before deleting any of the card's contents.)
  2. Use a memory card with a larger capacity.


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