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Digital Recorder

Q.Which brands of SD cards are compatible with the BR-80?

A.There is no information of 2GB or more SD cards not working properly exclusive of the following "Incompatible SD/SDHC cards".

- Incompatible SD/SDHC cards

Manufacturer Model number Remarks
- Compatible SD/SHC cards
  • The BR-80 supports SD/SDHC cards up to its maximum of 32 GB. (It does not support SDXC cards)
  • When you use an SD memory card available in the market, please initialize it by the BR-80 beforehand.
    If you fail to initialize the card by the BR-80, it won't work with the BR-80 properly.
  • Some low-cost or off-brand SD cards might not perform properly recording or play back on the BR-80.
  • The SD card brands confirmed compatible with the BR-80:
    Panasonic, SanDisk, TOSHIBA, Kingston


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