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Q.Is my product compatible with the OS X Lion (10.7)?


Compatibility with OS X Lion (10.7) Here you can get ・・・

Q.What are the main differences between the BR-864, BR-1180/BR-1180CD, BR-8, and BR-532?


BR-1180/BR-1180CD BR-532 BR-8 BR-864 ・・・

Q.On the BR-8, BR-532, and BR-864, is multitrack recording and playback possible?


Yes, multitrack recording and playback is possible on the ・・・

Q.On a BR-series unit, can I send an input signal to the line and digital outputs without being in record mode? If so, can apply an effect to the signal as well?


Yes. Even if you're not recording, you can send signals ・・・

Q.Can I synchronize two BR-series units via MIDI?


No, you can't synchronize two BR-series units to each other ・・・

Q.On my BR-series unit, I've created two songs: Song No 1 and Song No 2. I erase Song No 1. Next, I create a new song, and it's automatically numbered as Song No 3. Since Song No 1 has been erased, why isn't the new song named Song No 1?


A BR-series unit automatically assigns a new, unique number to ・・・

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