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BR-1600CD Version 2

Digital Recording Studio

Q.What are additional functions and enhansments of the BR-1600CD Version 2 when compared with the BR-1600CD?


The BR-1600CD Version 2's additional functions and enhansments are described next.

    Additional functions in Version 2

  1. Effect Algorithms Inherited from the BOSS GT-6B
    The BC-1600CD incorporates algorithms—virtually unaltered—from the BOSS GT-6B bass multieffects processor. Now bassists also can enjoy using COSM Amp Modeling, COSM Overdrive/Distortion, and other high-quality modeling effects.
  2. More Powerful Vocal Tool Box Functions
    Pitch correction enables you to specify any desired time and corrective pitch within the song. And with Harmony Sequence, you can also specify the time and pitch for each of the harmony voices.
    This allows you, for example, to freely add harmonies to solo vocals.
  3. Simplified Mastering Adjustments with the VALUE Dials
    You can adjust the amount and sonic quality of the Mastering Tool Kit, as well as the naturalness of the effect, simply and easily with the VALUE dials.
  4. MIDI Slave Sync Function
    You can use the BR-1600CD as a slave device, with playback time and speed synchronized to the MIDI Time Code (MTC) received at MIDI IN.
  5. Import Songs from the BR-1180CD/1200CD
    You can now convert BR-1180CD/1200CD song data and import it to the BR-1600CD. Without having additional operation, you can import BR-1180CD/1200CD songs as BR-1600CD songs simply and easily via CD-R/CD-RW discs to which the BR-1180CD/1200CD songs have been backed up (users already working with Version 1.10 should note that BR-1180CD song convert function is also featured in Version 1.10).
  6. Export All Tracks in Waveform Files at One Time Via USB
    Whereas exporting WAV or AIFF files via USB used to require exportation of individual tracks one at a time, with Version 2, you can now export all tracks together in a single pass.
    Other enhancements

  1. Check the Drum Sounds Easily
    About to use the track buttons to check a drum sound? Now you can play drum sounds simply by switching to the drum Edit screen.
  2. DRUMS/BASS pattern is available up to 999 measures
    The number of available measures for DRUMS/BASS pattern is 999 at maximum.
    (so far it was up to 8 measures)
    When you import SMF data via CD-R/RW discs or USB, it is possible to import up to 999 measures.


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