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Digital Recording Studio

Q.I've created an audio CD of music I've recorded on the BR-1180 / BR-1180CD. However, the sound is less powerful than the sound I hear on commercial pop music CDs. How can I make my recordings sound more powerful?

A.Most commercially released music undergoes a process called "mastering," in which the audio is processed to optimize its volume level, equalization, and dynamics before being burned to a CD. This process accounts for why many recent pop music CDs sound louder and more "powerful" than self-produced CDs. (Note that differences in song arrangements and performance techniques can have an effect as well.)

The BR-1180 / BR-1180CD's "Mastering Tool Kit" contains a collection of signal processing tools for mastering your own recordings so they can sound loud and powerful like a commercial music CD.

The Mastering Tool Kit provides nineteen different preset patches, covering a wide range of mastering applications. You can simply use a patch as is, or edit the patch to suit your needs. Nineteen User and Song locations are provided to store your edited patches for later use.

The Mastering Tool Kit is designed to process on an already-mixed stereo track, and it can only be used on Track 9/10. To process a multitrack recording, first bounce Tracks 1-8 down to Tracks 9/10. Then, select MASTERING as the record mode, process Tracks 9/10 with the Mastering Tool Kit, and record the result to the "Final Mastering Tracks" for burning onto a CD.

If you're using the BR-1180, connect the optional CDI-BR-1 CD-R/RW drive to burn music CDs.


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