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Digital Recording Studio

Q.I'd like to edit a song on my BR-series unit. However, I'd like to keep the original version of the song, and save the newly edited version as a new song file with a different name (similar to using the "Save As" command on a computer). Can this be done?

A.A BR-series unit does not have a "Save As" function as found on a computer. To edit a song without altering the original version, you must first make a copy of the original and then make your edits to the copied version.

Use the following procedure:
  1. Create a duplicate of the song you wish to edit using the Song Copy function.
  2. Rename the duplicated song to identify it from the original version.
  3. Open and edit the duplicated song as desired. Since you are now working with a copy, the original song version can be retained as an unedited backup.


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