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Digital Recording Studio

Q.Does the BR-1200CD provide a Phrase Trainer function like that found on the BR-864 and BR-900CD?

A.No, the BR-1200CD does not have a Phrase Trainer function. However, it does have a Time Modify function for use with loop phrases. Time Modify allows you to adjust the playback tempo of a loop phrase over a range of .75 to 1.5 times the original tempo while maintaining the original pitch.

The primary purpose of Time Modify is to adjust the tempo of music loops to match the current song tempo without altering their pitch. However, you can use Time Modify to gain some of the same functionality as the BR-864/BR-900CD Phrase Trainer.

To use Time Modify as a "phrase trainer" to aid in learning a musical phrase from a CD, use the following procedure:

  1. Use the Audio CD Import function to import the CD track that contains the desired phrase to BR-1200CD audio tracks.
  2. Use the Loop Phrase Import function to create a loop phrase from the new audio tracks.
  3. Use Time Modify to alter the playback speed of the newly created loop phrase.


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