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Digital Recording Studio

Q.I want to save a rhythm arrangement I've created on a BR-series unit. I can choose either a "user" or a "song" location as the save destination. What's the difference between these?

A.A "user rhythm arrangement" is stored in the BR-series unit's user memory, which allows you to use it with any song you create.

A "song rhythm arrangement" is stored with the current song file, and it can only be used with that song. The advantage of saving to a song rhythm arrangement is that it's backed up along with the song data when you back up the song to a CD-R/RW disc.

User rhythm arrangements are not backed up with the song file. If you wish to back up user data such as user rhythm arrangements, user effect patches, and loop phrases, use the User Backup function to write this data to a CD-R/RW disc.


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