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Digital Recording Studio

Q.On the BR-1200CD, can I use the preset bass patterns and my own original bass patterns to create a bass part quickly?

A.Yes. Using Track 8 on the BR-1200CD, you can chain preset bass patterns and your own original bass patterns to quickly create a bass part for automatic playback.

  • The BR-1200CD features 12 different types of bass sounds (including fingered, picked, fretless, and slap bass) that can be used in a broad range of musical styles.
  • The BR-1200CD provides 583 different preset bass patterns. You can also create and store up to 999 rewritable user bass patterns that can be used in any song, and up to 999 rewritable song bass patterns that are stored with the song file.
  • You can use the EZ Compose function to quickly and easily create rhythm patterns containing kick, snare, hi-hat, and bass parts.


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