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Digital Recording Studio

Q.I've created an audio CD of music I've recorded on the BR-1200CD. However, the sound is less powerful than the sound I hear on commercial pop music CDs. How can I make my recordings sound more powerful?

A.Most commercially released music undergoes a process called "mastering," in which the audio is processed to optimize its volume level, equalization, and dynamics before being burned to a CD. This process accounts for why many recent pop music CDs sound louder and more "powerful" than self-produced CDs. (Note that differences in song arrangements and performance techniques can have an effect as well.)

The BR-1200CD provides a "Mastering Tool Kit" function that allows you to master your own recordings so they can sound loud and powerful like a commercial music CD.

The Mastering Tool Kit provides nineteen different preset patches, covering a wide range of mastering applications. You can simply use a patch as is, or use the panel knobs to edit the patch to suit your needs.


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