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Digital Recording Studio

Q.I'm not good at pattern programming using key pads. Is there another way that I can easily create original "hot" groove patterns on the BR-1200CD?

A.The BR-1200CD incorporates many "hot" preset patterns. These patterns contain phrases that were created by professional musicians, and they use the many different built-in drum and bass sounds. Using the BR-1200CD's EZ Compose function, you can combine the individual phrases from many different patterns into a single pattern one by one. This can be accomplished in real time, while the pattern is looping. In this way, you can easily create your own professional-quality original patterns without complicated programming and editing.

There are three different EZ Compose functions, each with their own dedicated front panel button for easy access:

  • Pattern
    This allows you create your own original patterns by selecting and combining hi-hat, kick, snare, percussion, and bass phrases from other patterns.
  • Chord Progression
    This allows you to select a chord progression template that will be used by the bass part. The templates include popular chord progressions in 1-, 2-, 4-, and 8-bar lengths, as well as the standard 12 bar blues. Major and minor variations are provided for each progression.
  • Fill In
    The BR-1200CD contains a variety of short and one-bar fill-in patterns. The EZ Compose Fill In function allows you to easily paste any fill-in pattern you want into the desired rhythm pattern.


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