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Digital Recording Studio

Q.In what main areas has the BR-1200CD been improved over the BR-1600CD?

A.As for basic usage and functionality, the BR-1200CD is comparable to the BR-1600CD. Though the BR-1200CD provides fewer tracks (12 track playback/2 track recording versus 16 track playback/8 recording with the BR-1600CD), it has been improved over the BR-1600CD in a number of areas:

  1. Bouncing to V-Tracks is possible even when all 12 primary tracks are occupied.
  2. Track compressors can be used on all 12 tracks simultaneously (8 track compressors can be used on the BR-1600CD).
    Note: Insert effects are unavailable when you use the track compressors.
  3. The new Direct CD Bounce function allows tracks to be bounced directly to CD-R/RW. Direct recording to CD-R/RW is also possible.
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  4. The DR-880's acclaimed EZ Compose function is included for easy original pattern creation.
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  5. The Vocal Tool Box has been enhanced, including partial processing between any two points on a vocal track.
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  6. The BOSS CM-30 Monitor Speaker is assignable as a source speaker for COSM Speaker Modeling.


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