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Q.On my BR-series unit, I've created two songs: Song No 1 and Song No 2. I erase Song No 1. Next, I create a new song, and it's automatically numbered as Song No 3. Since Song No 1 has been erased, why isn't the new song named Song No 1?

A.A BR-series unit automatically assigns a new, unique number to each song you create. Once a song number has been used, it can't be reused unless you initialize the hard disk.

Initializing the hard disk erases all data on the disk, including the demo songs and any new songs you've stored. If you want to keep these songs for later use, back them up to a CD-R/RW disc (or discs) before you initialize the hard disk. Once backed up onto CD-R/RW, you can recover the songs to the BR unit's hard disk after it has been initialized.


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