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Q.What are the main differences between the BR-864, BR-1180/BR-1180CD, BR-8, and BR-532?


BR-1180/BR-1180CD BR-532 BR-8 BR-864 ・・・

Q.What kind of effect is Speaker Modeling?


Speaker Modeling is a function that simulates the tonal ・・・

Q.I want to save a rhythm arrangement I've created on a BR-series unit. I can choose either a "user" or a "song" location as the save destination. What's the difference between these?


A "user rhythm arrangement" is stored in the BR-series unit's ・・・

Q.Can I record the Rhythm Guide performance to an audio track (or tracks)?


Yes. During the Bounce procedure, the playback of the Rhythm ・・・

Q.On a BR-series unit, can I send an input signal to the line and digital outputs without being in record mode? If so, can apply an effect to the signal as well?


Yes. Even if you're not recording, you can send signals ・・・

Q.Can I synchronize two BR-series units via MIDI?


No, you can't synchronize two BR-series units to each other ・・・

Q.On a BR-1180 / BR-1180CD / BR-1600CD, how many Undo steps can I perform?


On a BR-1180 / BR-1180CD / BR-1600CD, you can perform the Undo ・・・

Q.I'd like to edit a song on my BR-series unit. However, I'd like to keep the original version of the song, and save the newly edited version as a new song file with a different name (similar to using the "Save As" command on a computer). Can this be done?


A BR-series unit does not have a "Save As" function as found ・・・

Q.On my BR-series unit, I've created two songs: Song No 1 and Song No 2. I erase Song No 1. Next, I create a new song, and it's automatically numbered as Song No 3. Since Song No 1 has been erased, why isn't the new song named Song No 1?


A BR-series unit automatically assigns a new, unique number to ・・・

Q.The last time I powered off my BR-series unit, I had the phantom power switched on. However, when I power the unit back on, the phantom power is now switched off. Why is this?


To prevent damage possible damage when you connect a dynamic ・・・

Q.I've performed a bounce with my recorded tracks and the Rhythm Guide. However, when I play back the bounce, the rhythm sound is now too loud and has an unusual tonal character. Why is this?


The BR-series unit's Rhythm Guide can be set to automatically ・・・

Q.I've created an audio CD of music I've recorded on the BR-1180 / BR-1180CD. However, the sound is less powerful than the sound I hear on commercial pop music CDs. How can I make my recordings sound more powerful?


Most commercially released music undergoes a process called ・・・

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