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Pedal Board

Q.Can I install a BOSS Twin Pedal or wah pedal on the BCB-60 pedal board?

A.Yes, you can. The BCB-60 pedal board accommodates Boss compact-series effect units, and also BOSS Twin Pedals, a volume or wah pedal, and favorite effect units from other manufacturers as well.

The BCB-60 comes with three precut holding pads for fastening the effect units in place. One pad can be used with two BOSS compact-series effect units or one Twin Pedal-series effect unit.

One uncut holding pad is also included, which you can custom cut to fit an effect unit made by another manufacturer (as long as it fits in the available space within the BCB-60).

In addition, you can install a wah pedal (such as the BOSS V-WAH) by removing the wire holder located at the upper right corner of the BCB-60.


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