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Shoulder Synthesizer

Q.I am not able to connect the AX-Synth to my computer. What can I do?

A.Normally, you don't need to install a driver in order to connect the AX-Synth to your computer. However, if a problem occurs, or if the performance is poor, using the driver for the Roland GW-8 may solve the problem (for Windows user only). To download the GW-8 driver, please go to GW-8 driver download page.

If you are using Windows XP/Windows Vista, you must log onto Windows as one of the following users in order to complete the USB connection correctly. 
  • A user name belonging to the Administrators group, such as Administrator
  • A user name whose account type is a computer administrator

Making the settings for the USB driver

For successful USB communication, you need to specify the USB driver you want to use, and then activate that driver. 
  1. Hold down the [SHIFT] button and press PGM CHANGE [INC]. The display now shows the name of the driver that is currently active ("GEn" or "UEn") and the [WRITE] button flashes.
  2. Keep holding the [SHIFT] button and press the PGM CHANGE [INC] button to switch between "GEn" or "UEn". Select UEn if you use the supplied driver. Select GEn if you use a generic USB driver included with the OS. 
  3. Press the [WRITE] button to confirm your selection. 
  4. Release the [SHIFT] button. 
  5. Switch the AX-Synth off, wait a few seconds, then switch it on again. 


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