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Audio Recorder

Q.What is the difference between AR-200R and AR-200S?

A.AR-200R allows you to control recording and playback on the main panel. You can record phrases just by pressing buttons. If you do not have any other devices to record phrases, AR-200R is the best choice. In addition, AR-200R is equipped with a no-voltage make contact terminal and MIDI terminal and can be remotely controlled by an external device.

AR-200R supports the AR-LINK function to link up to 31 units to build a fully synchronous multi-track system. *

AR-200S is intended to be controlled by an external device, and recording and playback are controlled all by an external device.  AR-200S is equipped with a no-voltage make contact and RS-232C terminal, and can be controlled from a PC.

* AR-3000/AR-3000R is required as the master device for controlling the system.


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