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Audio Recorder

Q.Can AR-200S perform count playback?

A.AR-200S cannot configure count playback but the AR card data editor (ARE-3000) or AR-3000R can be used to record the count playback setting on a PC card.
* ARE-3000 is a program to edit the contents of cards used by AR series, and can be downloaded from the Roland Web site.

 * To enable count playback, set the MODE switches #1 and #2 to OFF.
 * Count playback can be controlled via the control input connector.
 * By short-circuiting START (terminal #9) and GND (terminal #11 or #12), phrases are played back in the specified order.
 * To advance the phrase order, short-circuit INC (terminal #1) and GND (terminal #11 or #12). To move back the phrase order, short-circuit DEC (terminal #3) and GND (terminal #11 or #12).
 * To switch the phrase groups, short-circuit EXCHANGE (terminal #5) and GND (terminal #11 or #12).
 * To interrupt the phrase playback, short-circuit STOP (terminal #9) and GND (terminal #11 or #12).


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