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Audio Recorder

Q.Can AR-200S use PC cards created by AR-2000/AR-100/AR-1?

A.AR-200S only support CompactFlash cards and cannot use PC cards. Copy the contents of the PC card to the CompactFlash card by AR-3000 or ARE-3000 and use the CompactFlash card.

* ARE-3000 is an editor program which allows you to edit data on the memory card used by AR series on a PC. You can download ARE-3000 from the Roland Web site for free. Be sure to check the operation environment in advance.

AR-200S can record and play back audio onto and from a card formatted by AR-2000 (target device: AR-2000/AR-100/AR-1), but cannot edit or change settings of it. To edit and change settings of audio on such a card, you need to use AR-3000 or AR-3000R to convert the card.

 * Converting card with AR-3000
 Prepare the copy source PC card, copy destination CompactFlash card, and the CompactFlash adapter CFA-1.

 * Converting card with AR-3000R
 Copy the contents of the PC card to the CompactFlash card and convert the CompactFlash card by AR-3000R.

 * For the details on card conversion, refer to the manual of AR-3000 or AR-3000R.


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