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All Purpose Clamp

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Q.What models of Roland products are compatible with the PDS-15 pad stand and the APC-33 all-purpose clamp?


The PDS-15 and APC-33 come with a stand holder attachment. ・・・

Q.I'd like to include the SPD-S in my drum set. Is there a way to mount it to standard drum hardware?


Yes. Use the optional APC-33 multi-purpose clamp to attach the ・・・

Q.Can I attach the APC-33 (multi-purpose clamp) to the PDS-15?


Yes, you can. Loosen the mounting butterfly nut used to ・・・

Q.What pipe diameters will the APC-33 fit on?


The APC-33 is compatible with pipe that is between 10.5 and ・・・

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