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Acoustic Guitar Processor

Q.When I connect my acoustic-electric guitar directly to a mixer, it doesn't sound good. I understand that connecting my instrument via a BOSS DI-1 Direct Box or BOSS AD-series Acoustic Instrument Processor will improve the sound. Why is this?

A.The output of an acoustic-electric guitar is typically high-impedance, while the inputs on most mixers and other PA equipment is designed to accept low impedance signals. If you connect the acoustic-electric guitar directly to the mixer input, an impedance mismatch occurs. This mismatch causes the guitar to sound bright and thin, and usually reduces signal level as well. To remedy this problem, you should place an impedance matching device in-line between the guitar and the mixer.

The BOSS DI-1 Direct Box is designed for impedance matching. The DI-1 converts the acoustic-electric guitar's high-impedance output to a low impedance signal that matches the mixer's input. This preserves the tonal character of the guitar's electronics, resulting in high-quality sound.

Like the DI-1, the BOSS AD-series processors (such as the AD-5 and AD-8) also function as impedance matching devices. In addition, the AD-series processors provide preamp, equalization, effects, and anti-feedback functions to greatly enhance the acoustic-electric guitar's sound quality.

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