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Acoustic Guitar Processor

Q.What kind of effect is obtained by adjusting the BODY knob on the AD-8?

A.When an acoustic guitar is amplified with a piezo-type pickup, much of the sound of the guitar's natural body resonance is not reproduced. This is because a piezo pickup works by sensing vibrations produced primarily in the acoustic guitar's bridge area. The amplified sound tends to be bright, with very little of the richness that is produced by the guitar's sound chamber.

The AD-8's BODY knob adds a body resonance sound that simulates the tone of an acoustic guitar captured by a high-quality condenser microphone. This is helpful in adding a natural sounding richness to the piezo pickup's sound.

The BODY knob blends the body resonance sound with sound of the piezo pickup. The middle position of the BODY knob is the normal setting. Turning the knob clockwise will increase the body resonance, while turning it counter-clockwise will progressively approach the natural sound of the piezo pickup.

In addition, the AD-8 provides six different BODY TYPE settings, allowing you to choose a body sound that most closely matches the acoustic tone of your instrument.

(For more about the BODY TYPE settings, see the related FAQ: What types of sounds can I get with the AD-8's six different BODY TYPE settings?)

Note: The AD-8's output level will increase as the BODY knob is turned clockwise. If the sound becomes distorted, use the OUTPUT LEVEL knob to lower the overall level of the AD-8.


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