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Acoustic Instrument Processor

Q.I'd like to connect a condenser microphone and an acoustic-electric guitar pickup to the AD-5's two inputs, and blend the two different sounds in the AD-5. Which inputs should I use for each device?

A.There is a variety of pickup and microphone types for acoustic-electric guitars. When connecting them to the AD-5, the output impedance of the pickup and/or microphone needs to be taken into consideration to ensure the optimum sound quality.

Piezo pickup without a preamp?This device typically produces very high output impedance. Use to the AD-5's PIEZO input. (For reference, the PIEZO input has significantly higher input impedance than that of MAGNETIC input.)

Piezo pickup with a preamp? If acoustic-electric guitar has a built-in active preamp (powered by a battery), the output will usually be low impedance. In this case, you can use either the MAGNETIC or PIEZO input.

Passive magnetic pickup (no preamp)? Use the MAGNETIC input.

Active magnetic pickup (with a preamp)? Use either the MAGNETIC or PIEZO input.

Condenser Microphone? Condenser microphones have low output impedance, so either the MAGNETIC or PIEZO input can be used.

Condenser microphones require a power source to operate, usually received via an onboard battery or through phantom power provided by an external device. The AD-5 has no facility for powering condenser microphones.

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