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Acoustic Chorus Guitar Amplifier

Q.Can I connect a guitar to the AC-60's MIC/LINE CHANNEL?

A.You can connect a guitar to the AC-60's MIC/LINE CHANNEL input if it has a built-in preamp, or if you're using a preamp or BOSS compact effect unit in-line. In this case, set the SELECT switch to LINE, and set the PHANTOM (phantom power) switch to OFF.

Some background information:
The LINE input is designed for connecting low-impedance devices, such as the output of a preamp or effects unit.

If a piezo pickup is connected directly to the LINE input (i.e., without going through a preamp), the tonal character of the sound may be thin or dull. This is because the piezo pickup has a high output impedance that does not match the low impedance of the LINE input.

For details on impedance, refer to the related FAQ:
"I often hear the term "impedance" in relation to connecting an electric guitar to an amp or effect processor. What does "impedance" mean?"


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