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Acoustic Simulator

Q.The AC-3 has two output jacks: LINE OUT and G.AMP OUT. Which should I use, and how do they differ?

A.The AC-3's LINE OUT and G.AMP OUT output jacks function as follows:

  • Use this output for connection to a PA system or a recorder (such as a BOSS BR-series unit). LINE OUT provides a flat frequency response from the low to high ranges, preserving the natural full-range tone of an acoustic guitar.

  • Use this output for connection to a regular guitar amp. A typical guitar amp attenuates the high-frequency range starting in the 7-8 kHz region. The sound from the G.AMP OUT (when the AC-3 effect is on) is boosted in the high-frequency range to compensate for the amp's high-frequency attenuation.
Note: Both outputs provide identical (uncolored) sound when the AC-3 is bypassed.

Related FAQ:
In order to get the best acoustic guitar sound from the AC-3, I've heard that I should connect the LINE OUT jack to a PA system rather than connecting the G.AMP OUT jack to a conventional guitar amp. Is this true?


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