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Acoustic Simulator

Q.In what areas is the AC-3 improved over the AC-2?

A.The AC-3 has the following features that are not found on the AC-2.

  • COSM Effects Processor
    The AC-3 uses BOSS's proprietary COSM acoustic modeling technology to simulate the sound of an acoustic guitar from an electric guitar input. This is the same technology used in the acclaimed AC-8, the flagship model of the AC-series.
  • LINE OUT jack
    The LINE OUT signal preserves the high-frequency range that is such an important aspect of the distinctively rich sound of an acoustic guitar. Use this jack to connect the AC-3 to a PA or other speaker system with a flat response up through the high-frequency range. Additionally, you should use LINE OUT when recording the output of the AC-3 directly into a recorder (such as a BOSS BR-series unit).
  • Reverb
    A high-quality reverb designed exclusively for use with acoustic guitar sounds is provided.


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