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Important Notification for Owners of Roland PDX-8 V-Pad


After investigation, a possible problem in the rim sensor of certain Roland PDX-8 V-Pads has been detected, which may cause inconsistent response to rim shots (no sound, very quiet sound).

If you find an orange color, round-shaped sticker next to the serial number seal on the bottom of the PDX-8 V-Pad, it has been inspected and approved. If not, we ask your cooperation to check your PDX-8, and take appropriate measures as shown below:

1) Serial number

PDX-8 with the following serials numbers are likely to experience this problem.

ZU10100 - ZU39999
AU30000 - AU59449

2) How to check:

a) Strike the rim facing you on the pad, under the V-Drums logo, at the six o'clock position. You should hear the sound assigned to the rim trigger.

b) If the rim sound triggers inconsistently and you are using TD-6KW, or TD-3KW, adjust the rim sensitivity. Raise the value of sensitivity to the max level shown on the leaflet included in the PDX-8 package. If the triggering doesn't improve, Roland would like to resolve this problem by fixing the rim sensor. Please contact your nearest Roland service station.

As always, Roland Corporation would like to ensure your complete satisfaction with our products. We sincerely regret any inconvenience this may have caused.

Thank you very much for using Roland products.

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