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Virtual Sound Canvas Multi Pack

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Q.Is my product compatible with the Microsoft Windows 7?


Please check the link below for the details. ・・・

Q.Are the HQ Software Synthesizers and Virtual Sound Canvas going to be compatible with Mac OS X in the future?


We are not planning to update the VSC-MP1, HyperCanvas, ・・・

Q.The sound of the software synthesizer is distorted even though I don't turn up the volume very high. Why is this?


You may hear interruption or pop noises in the sound if the ・・・

Q.How can I edit the sounds, chorus, or reverb settings of the SMF file that I load with the VSC-88H3/VSC-88H3A/VSC-MP1 and convert it to a WAV file?


To edit a MIDI file within the VSC, use the following ・・・

Q.What is the sampling frequency output of the VSC-MP1?


The VSC can output audio at the sample-rate of your host ・・・

Q.Is the VSC-MP1's sound generator same as that of the SC-88Pro?


The VSC-MP1 employs a SC-88Pro map-compatible sound set, but ・・・

Q.Can I use the HQ or VSC software synthesizers plug-in stand-alone without a host application?


You cannot use the HQ-QT/HQ-GM2/HQ-OR and VSC-MP1 plug-in ・・・

Q.Can I install both the DXi version and VST version of a HQ or VSC software synthesizer into the same computer?


Yes, you can install both the DXi and VSTi versions of the HQ ・・・

Q.What are the differences between the stand-alone version and plug-in version of Virtual Sound Canvas?


The stand-alone version has a Player function, and is able to ・・・

Q.I want to use my MIDI keyboard to play a software synthesizer in realtime. How much latency should I expect?


The latency that occurs when playing in realtime will depend ・・・

Q.Why the VSTi version of VSC is not compatible with the Logic series?


Since the Logic Audio series does not fully support the ・・・

Q.Can I use a MIDI keyboard to play a plug-in synthesizer?


If you plug a plug-in synthesizer into your host application, ・・・

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