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Multi-format Converter

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Q.Can I use the two IEEE1394 terminals to convert HDV to DV and vice versa?


No. You cannot output a video signal input to one of the ・・・

Q.How can I reset all the device settings to the factory defaults?


Follow the procedure below.  1. Press the [MENU] ・・・

Q.What is the difference between the VC-300HD and VC-200HD?


VC-300HD is equipped with the HD/SD-SDI I/O terminal while ・・・

Q.Are all input video signals output from the output terminals simultaneously?


All input video signals output from the output terminals ・・・

Q.Can I convert NTSC video into PAL video, and vice versa?


Yes. The input and output terminals supports both of NTSC and ・・・

Q.Does VC-300HD support "1080/60i", "720/60p", "480/60i", and "480/60p" of the output formats of V-440HD and V-44SW as the input formats?


Yes. The vertical synchronization frequencies of the output ・・・

Q.Can I input multiple videos to multiple input terminals?


No. You can only use a single input terminal at a time.

Q.Can I mute output from a particular video output terminal?



Q.Can I embed audio input to the AUDIO INPUT terminal into video input to the HD-SDI IN terminal, and then output it from the HD-SDI OUT terminal?


Yes. HD-SDI OUT terminal outputs video input to the HD-SDI IN ・・・

Q.When I use the device continuously for 24 hours, HDV output discontinues.


VC-300HD discontinues HDV output after it runs for 24 hours ・・・

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