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24-bit/96kHz USB Recording System

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Q.Can I control SONAR 4 from the PCR or UR-80? Is there a memory set for SONAR 4?


Yes. An external controller can be used with SONAR 4, and the ・・・

Q.How does the UA-700 / UA-1000 / FA-101 / FA-66 / UA-101 / UA-25 / DA-2496 / UR-80 implement SCMS? (Serial Copy Management System)


When you use the UA-700 / UA-1000 / FA-101 / FA-66 / UA-101 / ・・・

Q.Can synchronization messages such as MIDI Clock or MTC be passed through a MIDI interface (or the MIDI interface built into a product) made by Roland/Edirol?


Yes. MIDI interfaces (or the MIDI interfaces built into ・・・

Q.I installed the driver in my Macintosh, but an error massage saying "Unable to use the function extension” appeared.


When the OS X driver included with your product is installed ・・・

Q.Is the mic input level setting (INPUT 1/2) reset when the power of the FA-101 / FA-66 / UA-25 / UA-101 / UA-5 / UA-700 / DA-2496 / U-8 / UR-80 / M-100FX is turned on/off?


On the FA-101 / FA-66 / UA-25 / UA-101 / UA-5 / UA-700 / ・・・

Q.In Macintosh OS 9, how can I see that my MIDI device is working correctly?


Use the [Apple System Profile] window to check that a MIDI ・・・

Q.What types of microphones does this device support?


The microphone inputs can accept dynamic microphones as well ・・・

Q.Can I send a DTS or Dolby Digital signal from the computer's DVD player via the UA-101 or other relevant devices?


The UA-101 and other relevant devices are not able to output a ・・・

Q.On Mac OS X, I can't use my Roland USB MIDI device simultaneously with the E-magic amt-8 or unitor-8.


You can solve this problem by installing the Unitor series ・・・

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