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Chromatic Tuner

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Q.I often hear the term "impedance" in relation to connecting an electric guitar to an amp or effect processor. What does "impedance" mean?


The term "impedance" is often heard when discussing the ・・・

Q.BOSS makes foot volume pedals in both high-impedance and low-impedance models. What model should I use with my guitar setup?


If you wish to use an effect or the TU-2 before the volume ・・・

Q.Do the TU-2's Output and Bypass jacks output identical signals?


Yes. The TU-2's Output and Bypass jacks output the same signal.

Q.I'm using a parallel DC cable (PCS-20A) and a PSA-series adaptor to supply power to multiple PSA-type compact effect units. I'd like to power an ACA-type compact effect as well. Is this possible?


When using a PSA-series AC adaptor - or an ・・・

Q.Which AC adaptors should I use for my Boss compact effect units?


There are two types of AC adaptors for use with Boss compact ・・・

Q.How should I supply power to multiple compact effect units?


You can use a Boss PSA-series AC adaptor together with a ・・・

Q.What is the length of the TU-2's battery life when the tuner is powered on?


Following is the approximate battery life for the TU-2 (actual ・・・

Q.I've just replaced the strings on my guitar, and I'm using a BOSS TU-series tuner to tune the new strings for the first time. However, after I tune the strings, they immediately go out of tune. Why is this?


Newly replaced strings will go out of tune easily for two ・・・

Q.Can I use the LS-2 or TU-2 and the PCS-20A parallel DC cable to supply power to ACA-type effect units?


The LS-2 or TU-2 and the PCS-20A parallel DC cable can supply ・・・

Q.If I use the TU-2 in my guitar signal chain, will it cause noise or degradation of the guitar signal?


No. The TU-2's output electronics (both the OUTPUT and BYPASS ・・・

Q.What is a chromatic tuner, and how is it different from a guitar/bass tuner?


In broad terms, electronic tuners can be classified into two ・・・

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