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Affordable V-Drums Set

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Q.When I strike the center of the head, I sometimes hear the rim-shot sound also.


This phenomenon may occur when the cable plugs are not fully ・・・

Q.When I perform a cymbal choke operation on a pad, can I simultaneously send a MIDI message from a TD-series module’s MIDI OUT jack to an external MIDI device?


Yes. Choke operations are transmitted from the TD-series ・・・

Q.When adjusting the pitch of an instrument on a TD-6-series or TD-8 sound module, the pitch value can be adjusted over a range of -480 to +480. What value should I use to raise (or lower) the pitch by a semitone?


When adjusting an instrument's pitch on a TD-6-series or TD-8 ・・・

Q.When I strike a pad, a pattern starts playing. How can I stop this from happening?


The Pad Pattern function allows you to start playback of a ・・・

Q.I can't play open/closed hi-hat techniques with my TD-series sound module. Why is this?


This situation can occur if the hi-hat control pedal (FD-7, ・・・

Q.In what areas is the TD-6KV improved over the TD-6K?


Compared to the TD-6K, the TD-6KV has been improved in the ・・・

Q.I have a TD-6. Can I upgrade it to a TD-6V?


No. The TD-6V is improved over the TD-6 in not only software ・・・

Q.How many drum kits are available in a TD-6-series sound module? Can I create my own original drum kits?


A TD-6-series sound module provides a total of 99 drum kits. ・・・

Q.Can I increase the volume of the sound produced when I press the hi-hat pedal (the Pedal Hi-Hat sound)?


Yes, you can. In each drum kit, you can adjust the volume ・・・

Q.Can I make a pattern start playing by striking a pad?


Yes, you can. To play back your favorite pattern by ・・・

Q.When I connect a CY-12R/C or CY-15R to the RIDE input of a TD-6-series sound module, striking the edge causes the bow to sound. Why is this?


This will occur if you connect the CY-12R/C or CY-15R's ・・・

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