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Q.The samples that were loaded in the SP-404’s memory when it was new are no longer there. How can I reload them?


The SP-404 comes with factory-loaded samples in Sample Bank A ・・・

Q.Which brands of CompactFlash cards are compatible with the SP-404?


Next table shows the currently available CompactFlash cards ・・・

Q.I've connected a CD player to the SP-404's LINE IN jacks, but the sound is sometimes distorted. The distortion occurs even if I lower the EXT SOURCE level so that the PEAK indicator does not light. How do I eliminate the distortion?


The maximum input level of the SP-404's LINE IN jacks is ・・・

Q.On the SP-404 / SP-303, can I change the length of a sample while maintaining the original pitch?


Yes. The Time Modify function allows you to change the length ・・・

Q.What can I do using the SP-404's Resampling function?


The SP-404's Resampling function allows you to do the ・・・

Q.How do I check the remaining battery capacity of the SP-404?


Use the following procedure to check the remaining battery ・・・

Q.Can the SP-404 play WAV or AIFF audio files that I’ve copied to a CompactFlash card from my computer?


The SP-404 cannot play WAV or AIFF files directly. ・・・

Q.On the SP-404, can I apply internal effects to the internal mic or sources connected to the LINE IN or MIC jacks?


The SP-404 allows you to apply an internal effect to sounds ・・・

Q.Is there data compatibility between the SP-303, SP-404, and SP-606?


The specifications of the SP-303, SP-404, and SP-606 differ in ・・・

Q.The SP-404 is equipped with an internal mic for sampling. Is it possible to connect an external mic and use it for sampling? Can I use a stereo mic in this case?


The SP-404 provides a MIC IN jack (phone type) on its front ・・・

Q.Are the pads on the SP-404 / SP-303 velocity-sensitive?


No. The pads of the SP-404 and SP-303 are not ・・・

Q.When I change the tempo of a pattern on the SP-404 / SP-303, the sample playback remains unchanged. How can I get my samples to follow the tempo change?


Altering the BPM of a pattern changes the sequencer playback ・・・

Q.On the SP-404 / SP-303, I'd like to change the BPM of a sample while maintaining the original pitch. How much can I stretch or compress the sample length?


The SP-303 / SP-404’s Time Modify function allows you to ・・・

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