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Q.Is my product compatible with the Microsoft Windows 7?


Please check the link below for the details. ・・・

Q.While playing a movie, does frame dropping or misalignment with sound occur?


While playing a movie with P-10, the frame dropping ratio is ・・・

Q.Movies captured through the input terminal of P-10 sometimes low quality (e.g., a still image blurs when the movie is paused), are there any other methods to capture movies at higher quality?


Because P-10 performs progressive conversion when capturing ・・・

Q.How long can P-10 capture a movie continuously?


P-10 can capture a movie up to 30 minutes (2GB).  Even if ・・・

Q.Which formats does "P-10 Image Converter" software supplied with P-10 support for conversion?


 "P-10 Image Converter" supports the following ・・・

Q.While configuring the parameters, what is displayed on the monitor connected to the output terminal?


The configuration screen is displayed while you are ・・・

Q.While playing a video image, can I check a video image from another pad?


No. P-10 does not provide a function or terminal to preview a ・・・

Q.Is my product compatible with the OS X Lion (10.7)?


Compatibility with OS X Lion (10.7) Here you can get ・・・

Q.Which brands of SD/SDHC cards are compatible with the P-10?


P-10 SD/SDHC Card Compatibility List 32GB (SDHC) : ・・・

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