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Q.The MV-8000 features a USB port for connection to USB-equipped PCs. Which PC operating systems (OS) are compatible with this connection?


OS compatibility is as follows: Windows : Windows Me / ・・・

Q.What is the MV-8000 Version 3’s new Drum Grid editing function?


The MV-8000 Version 3’s Drum Grid editor (Fig.1) allows you to ・・・

Q.I hear that the MV-8000 Version 3 adds a powerful song creation tool called “Pattern Mode.” What can I do with it?


The MV-8000 Version 3’s new “Pattern Mode” allows you to ・・・

Q.Can I record vocals or acoustic instrument sounds with the MV-8000?


The MV-8000 provides eight stereo audio tracks designed for ・・・

Q.What kinds of effects are incorporated in the MV-8000?


The MV-8000 is equipped with the following effects: ・・・

Q.What does the optional MV8-OP1 Audio I/O Expansion Board add to the MV-8000?


When installed, the MV8-OP1 adds the following audio ・・・

Q.How much sampling time is available on the MV-8000?


The MV-8000’s maximum sampling time is: Expanded with 128MB ・・・

Q.While sampling, can the MV-8000 process the incoming signal through its built-in effects?


Yes, it can. If the routing parameter of the MFX is set to ・・・

Q.What sampling rates are supported by the S/P DIF digital input of an MV8-OP1-expanded MV-8000?


The MV8-OP1 S/P DIF digital input is equipped with a sampling ・・・

Q.Can the MV-8000 transmit and receive MIDI synchronization signals such as MTC, MMC, or MIDI clock?


The MIDI synchronization signals supported by the MV-8000 are ・・・

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