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Q.Where should I set the output level knob of my multieffects unit?


The output level knob of your multieffects unit – such as the ・・・

Q.When using the expression pedal of my ME-series multieffects unit as a volume control, can I set a maximum and minimum volume for the pedal? I'd like to use it as a "booster switch" to raise the volume for solos.


When using the expression pedal as a volume control on an ・・・

Q.Can a guitar or bass with active-type pickups be used with the GT-/ME-series? Is there an input select setting for active pickups?


Guitars and basses with either passive or active pickups can ・・・

Q.The sound from a CD or MD player connected to the AUX IN jack on my ME-series multieffects unit is either inaudible or very low in volume. Why is this?


First, make sure that the volume of the CD or MD player is ・・・

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