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10-channel Mixer with Audio/Voice Effects

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Q.Is the mic input level setting (INPUT 1/2) reset when the power of the FA-101 / FA-66 / UA-25 / UA-101 / UA-5 / UA-700 / DA-2496 / U-8 / UR-80 / M-100FX is turned on/off?


On the FA-101 / FA-66 / UA-25 / UA-101 / UA-5 / UA-700 / ・・・

Q.Could you show me the wiring diagrams of the balance type (XLR/TRS) input jacks?


The XLR and TRS connections of the UA-101 comply with the AES ・・・

Q.What does Direct Monitoring do for me?


Direct Monitoring connects the inputs of the UA-101 directly ・・・

Q.What types of microphones does this device support?


The microphone inputs can accept dynamic microphones as well ・・・

Q.Can I send a DTS or Dolby Digital signal from the computer's DVD player via the UA-101 or other relevant devices?


The UA-101 and other relevant devices are not able to output a ・・・

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