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Video Mix/Live Switcher

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Q.What is DSK (downstream keyer)?


When video merging and/or mixing is done at the upstream side ・・・

Q.What is the difference between the PGM OUT terminal and A/B MIX OUT terminal?


LVS-800 provides two types of output terminals; A/B MIX OUT ・・・

Q.The field of view of videos output from the PGM OUT terminal differs from those output from MONITOR OUT terminal.


Input analog signals are output from the PGM PVW terminal or ・・・

Q.How long is input video delayed at the output?


1 to 1.5 frames for the A/B MIX output and 2 to 3 frames for ・・・

Q.What can I do by using the RS-232C terminal for external control?


LVS-800 allows you to control switching operation and effects ・・・

Q.Can I start the device with an arbitrary input channel selected?


You cannot start LVS-800 with a particular input channel ・・・

Q.Are the conversion adapter between 15-pin D-Sub and DVI provided?


NO. Purchase an adapter.

Q.Can I use DSK and the Picture-in-Picture function simultaneously?


LVS-800 can merge videos with DSK and then apply the ・・・

Q.Can I change the size and position of the child window of the Picture-in-Picture function?


Yes, you can do it by using the configuration menu. ・・・

Q.How many child windows of the Picture-in-Picture function can be displayed?


Up to two child windows can be displayed. ・・・

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