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Jazz Chorus Guitar Amplifier

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Q.Even though the JC-120 is still in production today, I’ve heard that it might not be possible to repair early generation JC-120s. Why is this?


The JC-120 was first introduced in September of 1975. ・・・

Q.When moving the JC-120, I hear "splashy" sounds as if thin metal plates were being struck inside the amp. What causes this?


The JC-120 incorporates a "spring reverb” unit to add ・・・

Q.What is the difference between the JC-120's two channels (Channel 1 and Channel 2)?


The Channel 1 and Channel 2 inputs are each equipped with a ・・・

Q.Do the early JC-120 amps have SEND/RETURN jacks like those provided on today's JC-120 models?


The JC-120 has been in continuous production for more than two ・・・

Q.I’d like to connect an electric guitar to the JC-120 via an effect unit, and use the effect unit to create distortion. For the best sound, should I connect to Channel 1 or Channel 2?


The JC-120’s Channel 1 and 2 have identical input sensitivity ・・・

Q.On the JC-120, can I connect guitars to the Channel 1 and Channel 2 inputs simultaneously?


Yes, you can connect guitars to both the Channel 1 and Channel ・・・

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