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Orchestral – High Quality Software Synthesizer

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Q.Are the HQ Software Synthesizers and Virtual Sound Canvas going to be compatible with Mac OS X in the future?


We are not planning to update the VSC-MP1, HyperCanvas, ・・・

Q.The sound of the software synthesizer is distorted even though I don't turn up the volume very high. Why is this?


You may hear interruption or pop noises in the sound if the ・・・

Q.Can I use the HQ or VSC software synthesizers plug-in stand-alone without a host application?


You cannot use the HQ-QT/HQ-GM2/HQ-OR and VSC-MP1 plug-in ・・・

Q.Can I install both the DXi version and VST version of a HQ or VSC software synthesizer into the same computer?


Yes, you can install both the DXi and VSTi versions of the HQ ・・・

Q.I want to use my MIDI keyboard to play a software synthesizer in realtime. How much latency should I expect?


The latency that occurs when playing in realtime will depend ・・・

Q.Can I use a MIDI keyboard to play a plug-in synthesizer?


If you plug a plug-in synthesizer into your host application, ・・・

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