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Digital Piano

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Q.How can I obtain musical scores for the songs that are built into my Roland piano?


The built-in songs in Roland's digital pianos can be divided ・・・

Q.What are the main features of the progressive hammer action keyboard used in Roland pianos?


Roland's progressive hammer action keyboard is the result of a ・・・

Q.My Roland piano has MIDI connectors, but it's not equipped with a USB port. What equipment do I need to use my piano to record MIDI into my USB-equipped computer?


You'll need the following two items in order to record MIDI ・・・

Q.What brand of grand piano was sampled for Roland's digital pianos?


A Roland digital piano doesn't reproduce the sound of a ・・・

Q.I'm looking for a digital piano with a keyboard that feels similar to a grand piano. Can I get this type of keyboard feel in a Roland digital piano?


Roland piano keyboards have a broad range of expression that ・・・

Q.What can I do when I connect a Roland piano to my computer?


Most Roland pianos are equipped with MIDI (Musical Instrument ・・・

Q.I understand that the keyboards on Roland's high-end digital piano models are equipped with an "escapement mechanism." What is this?


The escapement is the mechanism in a grand piano that allows ・・・

Q.On a Roland digital piano, what changes when I switch the key touch between LIGHT and HEAVY?


Adjusting the key touch changes how key velocity triggers the ・・・

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