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"HandSonic 10" Hand Percussion Pad

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Q.What are the main differences between the HandSonic 10 and HandSonic 15?


HPD-15 The HPD-15 is the flagship of the HandSonic line. ・・・

Q.Can I operate the HandSonic 10 (HPD-10) on a dark stage?


Yes, you can. The HPD-10 is equipped with a backlit LCD ・・・

Q.What equipment can I connect to the HandSonic 10 (HPD-10)? How can I use the connected equipment?


The following illustration shows the equipment types that can ・・・

Q.The HandSonic 15 (HPD-15) has fifteen pads, while the HandSonic 10 (HPD-10) has only ten pads. Does the HandSonic 10's fewer number of pads mean that some special playing techniques cannot be used?


No, we don't think that having fewer pads will place any ・・・

Q.What can I connect to the external trigger jack of the HandSonic 10 (HPD-10)?


The HandSonic 10's external trigger jack is compatible with ・・・

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