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GK Parallel Box

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Q.Can the GKP-4 output the signal arriving at its GK IN connector to all of its GK-OUT connectors (A, B, C, D)?


Yes. When the GKP-4 receives signal at its GK IN connector, it ・・・

Q.When connecting the US-20 / GKP-4 to a GK-compatible unit, can I use a 10 meter GK cable?


In this application, a 10 meter cable length is not ・・・

Q.The GKP-4 isn't equipped with a battery or a power supply connector. How is power supplied to the unit?


The GKP-4 receives power from the GK-compatible unit connected ・・・

Q.Can I use the GKP-4 to connect two or more GK-equipped guitars to a single GR, VG, VGA, or GK unit?


No, this is not possible. The GKP-4 distributes the signal ・・・

Q.I understand that the GKP-4 distributes its GK input to all four of its GK output jacks. Is my guitar's normal pickup sound also distributed to the four GK output jacks?


Yes, the normal guitar sound is distributed to all four GK ・・・

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